About Us

Creo Films was founded by Sharan Masand and Puja Kumar in the heart of India’s Media Capital – Mumbai. Bringing to the industry a formidable combination of excellent quality and unbeatable value! Sharan has worked for TV and Advertising, extensively in India, as well as on international projects. Puja has been in advertising for nearly 6 years, quitting her job as an executive producer to start this venture. They have individually and together worked on various brands Atlas cycles, Samsung TV’s, Surf Excel, Clinic Plus, Vim, Times of India, SBI, LIC, Kellogg’s, Reliance, Pepsodent, Pampers, Sparsh Baby oil, Vaseline, Domino’s, HSBC, Maggi Noodles, Sangini Diamonds, Kwality Ice–Creams, McDonald’s, Coke (Africa), Fair and Lovely (Bangladesh), Signal Toothpaste (UAE), Prestige Pressure Cookers, Henko Detergents, McDowell’s No.1, Atlas Cycles, Greenply Industries, Lion balm, PSA’s sponsored by ICICI USAID for Condoms, Britannia Marie Gold, TATA Tea, ICICI Bank, Berger, Rin, Times Of India, VIP underwear, Airtel, Close Up toothpaste, SBI Insurance , Sugarfree, Zydus Cadilla, Zandu Pancharishta, Creambell Ice Cream, Asian Paints, Reliance Mobiles, AFL Couriers, NECC, LML, MTV, Life Insurance Corporation. They decided to start their own production company with the intention of crafting outstanding films with excellent production quality

When we began our journey , we didnt realise the universe had a plan for us, a great plan.
Now we share with you our world.
Where there is no reality..... just pure magic!! :-)

Would like to thank all those we ve met and also those we have not. All those because of who we are.

We love what we do and would like to share some of our happiness with you. We appreciate your encouragement and guidance.. and look forward to the long journey ahead together.

Do drop by for a cup of tea or coffee...lets share stories :-)

For a breakup of everything that we do

  • Film direction and Production. (TVC/Music Video/Corporate/Promos)
  • Concept visualization and media planning.
  • Art/Production Design

Services provided for our International Clients:

* Location services such as Scouting / Recce & Permissions

India has a plethora of diverse locations to choose from - snowcapped mountains, arid plains, lissome beaches, bustling cities, rocky crags, rustic villages. You name it, we have it.

Architecturally as well, there is an abundance of locations which can be used to mimic almost any place in the world, from rustic Italian villages, to exotic beach locales, Colonial and Victorian eras or Portuguese style villas. Similarly due to the multi-religious nature of India, there are literally hundreds of churches, mosques, temples to pick from.

For locations which are not provided for naturally, there are a large number of studios to choose from which have ready-made sets and are also capable of building sets from scratch. The simulation is of a high-quality and at very reasonable costs.

* 2D & 3D animations

Creo also welcomes animation assignments from all over the world, with Indian animators being at par to international counter parts and pricing being the main incentive.

A full package can be created so that the international client is included in the complete production of his project and will have supervising privileges, via the internet or in person .

* Skilled Professional Crew

* Talent & Styling

There is also a wide variety of talent available ranging from ethnic models, to Indian models as well as numerous models from all over the world, based in India. They can be procured at much lesser prices as compared to their counterparts. Have a look at the different faces in our gallery section.

Additionally, these models are paid only a one-time fee for their services and there is no royalty fee for the number of times you air the commercial, thus cutting down costs drastically.

Additionally, these models are paid only a one-time fee for their services and there is no royalty fee for the number of times you air the commercial, thus cutting down costs drastically.

  • Post Production services
  • Hire Facilities & Equipment
  • Contracts between local personnel & companies
  • Bank Accounts
  • Union Liaisons
  • Account Reports
  • Bank Accounts
  • Union Liaisons
  • Account Reports
  • Schedules and Budgeting
  • Employer of record for cast & crew
  • Insurance
  • Hotel, Air & Transport including Visas
  • Taxation & Legal requirements
  • Import & Export of equipment
  • Permissions/Clearances from Govt/Private parties
loaction Union Park,
Pali Hill Road, Khar (W),
Mumbai – 400052. INDIA